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are coming tonight. storm-team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer has the forecast. >> we're at temperatures below average. the temperatures now, 64 degrees. the average high is around 68 degrees. winds right now out of the north at about 12 miles per hour. that is a much cooler condition. when you have those winds on a cool afternoon, the wind helping to make it feel a little bit on the cooler side. take a look at the numbers across the region. we'll be sitting into the 60s for the most part. but upper 50s tort cumberland, maryland, 61 in gaithersburg. 64 in manassas. overnight lows will be in the 30s. most of you in the 40s. i'll show you where we see those temperatures and what to expect the next few days in my forecast. >> it's happened again. another robbery at the university of maryland students. last night, two students became the latest victims near college park campus. it all happened around 9:30. the students were jogging along calvert road near princeton avenue when they got to the intersection, two suspects were standing there. one of them pushed the students to the ground and pu
to the weather. get set for another chill. some of us could see frost tonight. >> storm team 4 doug kammerer has the details. >> if you walk outside right now, it is on the cool side. we're sitting about five degrees below average for this time of year at 64. the winds out of the north at 14 miles per hour. that wind does make things feel a little cooler as you make your way out and about. as far as the temperatures go, around the rest of the region, here's where we sit. 61 in gaithersburg. 64 in the d.c. area and in culpepper. also, 68 degrees over there toward fredericksburg. as we look toward the west, 61 in winchester. and 59 in hagerstown. once again, a fairly cool afternoon. we won't call it cold by any means because with plenty of sunshine, it is be all that bad out there. as far as the rain is concerned, we're all dry. we will stay all dry right through the rest of the night tonight and really over the next couple of days. the best chance of rain now looking like it could come toward the end of the week. if you're thinking about heading toward alexandria, maybe crossing over the woodrow
. doug schoen a democratic strategist, fox news contributor. and also a republican strategist is joining us from the american enterprise institute. doug, vice president biden last week talking about the fact that we basically have unemployment, things are getting better. the president has to address that tonight. >> it is undeniably the case that it is better to be 7.8 than 8. but when you look at discouraged workers, underemployed and unemployed workers this is still a very very weak economy and the administration has yet to come up with a compelling defense of a record that leaves them deeply politically vulnerable tonight. cheryl: i think you gave mark's argument for him. >> i often agree with doug. cheryl: obviously, okay. >> i often agree with doug, and i do agree with him right now. vice president biden was gloating in the debate last week that after 43 months we got it down to 7.8%. but the fact is if you count all the workers who left the workforce, the unemployment rate is really closer to 11%. as you have pointed out, we have had 43 months of this high unemployment. that really
aae reacting to this news as well.as on our acebook page... doug smith writess you are the we know our presence on the hope it is a complete recoveryy recovery.walt brown says- we every positn, get well ray, see you in the superbowl suuprbowlthere is questions as to whether suuday's ggme against the cowboyy will be likely haal of fame career.no word from lewis on thht... and harbbught declined commenttit was his 17th eason with the n- f-l. with lewis out... dannell ellerbe will sttp in.hear ffrm him coming up next half hour. llvv from m & t bank staaiumm i'm megan gilliland, fox45 mmrning nees. a teenage boy is recovering it happened just after sevee - o'clock last night on wharton court... right off of east monuuent treet.the vvctim is &pexpecced toobe o-k.police don't hhve a suspect or motive in the hooting. last night's shooting camm on the heels of a violent weekend responded to eiiht separrte sho pizza delivvry river... allng with a high schooler. 19-year-old ta-shawna jones... a tuddnt at harbor city high... died.officers are now asking for your heep to solve (anthon
. and doug schoen a former pollster for bill clinton and a fox news contributor. none of you are women, i am and you're experts and we vote on the same things. dog, what do you make about this move? >> martha where your introduction went is exactly where i would begin. bottom line people are voting on the economy. the democrats have tried to make a so-called republican war on women, abortion, contraception, the centerpiece of the campaign, and bluntly it's not working. the gallop poll and other data is showing that women are moving directly to governor romney and they are showing that that movement is because of concerns about the economy. so bottom line, the economy triumphs social issues and that's what we are seeing right now. martha: let's fake a look at a couple of the polls you just mentioned before we bring you in, brad, so we can get your thoughts on them. the first one we have here is likely swing state voters, who would do a better job handling the deficit and the debt. you've got governor romney with a very comfortable margin there 52% over 43% and you can see why they are talking
sswell.as on our facebook doug smith writes- you are the best ray.. all wwll miss you. we know your presence on the recovery.walt brownnsays- we every position, get well ray, see you in the superbowl ssperboolthere issquestions ass to wheeher sunday's gamm againss the cowboyy will be the ffnal game of rayylewis' liiely hall of fame ccreer.nn word from lewis on that... and harbaught declined comment.it was his 17th season with the n- ffl. with leeis out... dannell pllerbe will step in..ear from live from m & t bankkstadium, i'm megan gilliiand, fox45 ptadium, i'm live from m & t - bank stadium, i'm megan pilliland, fox45 morning news. that brings uu to oor question of the day.can the ravens mmke ray lewissand lardarius webb? we'll takk your calls in you can alss go to .- fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think... sounddoff through acebook or send us aa tweet.. at foxbaltimore. a teenage boy is recovering this morninggafter being shot in the leg in east baltimore. it happened juut after seven expected to be o-k.police on don't have a suspect or motive last nightts shootinn came o
'ssthe way it's gone. 3 gone. fans are reacting to this news as well.on our faccbook page... doug smith writes- you are the best ray.. all will miss you.. we know your presence on the sidelines will be important. &phope it is a complete recover. &precovery.walt brown says- we have good replacements aa see you in the superbowl. several sick calls short of bus driverr... leaving students stranded without a safe wwy to gee to ss. county school fficials say four bus drivers who ttke studenns to forest heights elementary called out sick ann they couldn't finddenough substitutes tt cooer all the dddn't go ut to them...aaed instead the principal cruised the neighborhood... telling kids to meet him at a restaurant.. forcing them to so he couud escort hem o .. - school. highway and also audrey lanee 3 is a usy intersection. and anything could happpn. my baby pould have been hit... shee couud have been snatched... anything." school officials issued a statement sayyng... theyy develooed plan tt ensure that these issues do not &preoccur ann they are in the process of hiirng addiiional bus
bargain. >>> and doug, what are you doing to make sure we get the best weather around here? >> i'm working real hard. i'm working really hard. out there this evening, pretty nice conditions but it will get quite cold. especially in the suburbs. inside the beltway, temperatures will stay in the 40s. many of you in the suburbs will be in the upper 30s and we could see some frost out there tomorrow morning. especially in loudoun county and along i-81. we'll see plenty of sunshine with a few more clouds than we saw today but warmer. a nice afternoon with a high temperature, 67 to about 72 degrees. winds southerly at about five to ten miles an hour. that's southerly wind will help to warm thing up over the next couple days. we do have a frontal boundary that will come through thursday night. most of the day thursday will be mostly cloudy and dry, i think, with the high of 73. so thursday is looking pretty. >> the best chance of rain comes thursday night into the day on friday. we'll call it about a 40% chance of rain early friday. then that shower activity should move out of here saturday and s
for round two of the presidential debate. >> we are live in washington with more. good morning, doug. >> good morning, guys. this one will be different. remember the firs debate two weeks ago. the ex pecpectation going into . this time around there has been a shift. kierding to this poll president obama 41 percent think he will win, 37 percent think mitt romney will win. a prit see even split there. they are putting it on the debate in new york along with the seating for the town hall participants. president obama and mitt romney has been largely off the campaign trail preparing running through one mock debate after another. and the town hall format tonight could make a difference as well with questions coming from uncommitted voters. >> for challenger romney what's at stake is the strong performance he made last time and keep the momentum he has going now. the momentum is swinging in romney's way for obama it's a chance to regain the momentum. >> a lot of that will depend on the questions tonight. who is going to ask the questions? a group of undecided voters that are all selected b
. there'll be a public hearing on october 31st. the full council november 15th. crews may have doug to deep into the bridge over 65. a class action lawsuit is being filed today on behalf of victims who say they were tortured by former chicago police commander jon burge. lawyers representing the men say their clients are still in prison. after giving false confessions at the hands of burge and his men more than 20- years ago. burge is currently behind bars after being convicted of lying about the torture of suspects. the lawsuit seeks to give new hearings to all of burge's alleged victims who were convicted as a result of the phony confessions. cook county assessor joe berrios says he'll ignore a subpoena by the county's inspector general. berrios is being ordered to explain an illegal property tax break given to one of his employees. but he's refusing to hand over the paperwork that allowed the employee to get that benefit. berrios is already fighting the county ethics board, which recently ordered him to fire his son and daughter because their hiring violated county law. berrios
in with doug hill about how long this weather is going to last. >> a little while. we have no major changes in temperatures or storm warnings anytime soon. we're looking live across the city. spectacular weather, a little on the cool side. our numbers are running significantly below the average of 68. we do have a rather stiff breeze adding a chill in the air. later tonight the breeze will diminish, but it's the same time, temperatures will drop. in fact, they will drop into the 50's after sunset. overnight, expect temperatures between 40-50 degrees. a little spring feeling in the air. all kinds of things you will in joy in the seven-day outlook. >> a woman was found dead in her home and tonight fairfax county police have the brother in custody. police are trying to determine a motive for the murder. candace gibson has the details for us. >> fairfax county police officers remain at the scene of this homicide at the end of the cul-de-sac behind me. as you mentioned, a woman is dead and someone she knew very well is accused of killing her. >> the person who called police had a simple message
? your ford dealer. >>> earnings alert. we'll dig through the goldman sachs report with doug sipka. >> and "squawk" is going back to school. >> who's with me? come on! >> we'll continue our endowment series with the chief investment officer of northwestern university's endowment fund. plus breaking economic data. the latest read on inflation, consumer price index numbers due out at 8:30 eastern time. the third hour of "squawk box" begins right now. ♪ >>> welcome back to "squawk box." i'm joe kernen along with becky quick. stop whistling. >> i'm not whistling. it wasn't me until you said it. >> guest is david walker, founder and ceo of the comeback america initiative. david handing out money today, passing it out. we usually don't, guests do not have to pay to come on. lot of people accuse us of that. something is wrong with that picture. that's andrew jackson on a $10 billion. it's not a $10, it's $10 million. it's what our entitlement, unfunded liabilities are growing at $10 million a minute. >> total liabilities and unfunded promise grow by $10 million a minute, $100 billion a
maker that got some 250 million tax dollars is filing for bankruptcy. and doug mcelway has more for us from washington on this. >> reporter: the name of the company is a123, a waltham, massachusetts outfit that specializes in lithium ion batteries. it built three plants in 2010 to take advantage of the state's huge tax breaks for battery manufacturers. vice president joe biden hailed the $249 million tax grant to the company. he said with recovery act projects like this we are starting to turn the page on a decade of failed economic policies, end quote. president obama phoned the company at a 2010 celebration. >> i am calling to congratulate a123 systems on this tremendous milestone. as you said thanks to the recovery act, you guys are the first american factory to start high volume production of advanced vehicle batteries. i met with david and some of the a123 team here in the white house back in april, and it's incredibly exciting to see ho*uf you guys have come since we announced these grants just over a year ago. >> reporter: despite hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer supp
will consist of steve bailey who is a member of the partners and dr. doug holtz-eakin of the american action for them. with that i think we will just take a second to get everyone here miced. >> [inaudible conversations] >> well, thank you for joining us. we have a lot of things to talk about. a lot of things came up in the last panel. we talked the last panel a lot about 2013 and what's going to happen, but i want to go back to the end of the year. you know, what do you both feel like is likely to happen then, and what are some areas you can see a compromise happening? do you want to start? >> sure. i think it's important to recognize there really are three different issues involved, and the first is literally the fiscal cliff, the end of the year tax increases on spending cuts the will happen on autopilot which i view as a threat to the economy. we have a very weak economy that's moving sideways at the moment at best, and that issue is going to face in the lame-duck. there's also the debt limit. my own view is you should keep the debt limit as far away from the fiscal cliff as you can. the
't technically allow for that but it could happen. in washington, doug luzader, fox 5 morning news. >> use the hashtag fox 5 you decide to tweet your thoughts during tonight's debate. we'll be using some of your tweets for a new show we're debuting as election day approaches. fox 5 news edge you decide 2012 will focus on both local and national candidates and issues during the final two weeks of the campaign. it starts next monday at 6:30 p.m. right here on fox 5. >>> arlen specter will be rebelled as a funeral service today. -- remembers as a funeral service today. specr passed away sunday, he was 782 years old -- 82 years old. president obama ordered flags to be flown at half staff at the white house and other public buildings in his honor. >>> george mcgovern is nearing the end of life. that's the word from his family who say he has moved into hospice care in south dakota. mcgovern lost the presidential race to richard nixon in an historic landslide in 1972. >>> we're following breaking news from britain right now. there have been several arrests made at the hospital where a pakistani g
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)